Trendyol Data Engineer Hiring Weekend

Trendyol Data Engineer Hiring Weekend

We are a Tech company - Technology is the driver, e-commerce is the outcome. We were established in 2010 to provide a seamless e-commerce experience to our customers and SMEs. In ten years, we became the largest e-commerce company in Turkey, as well as one of the leading global platforms. Trendyol is the 1st Turkish company to achieve the decacorn status and the most valuable private internet company in the EMEA region.

Apply to our Data Engineer Hiring Weekend, attend interviews in a weekend, get the opportunity to work in the Trendyol Tech team! 😍

Come, join our tribe! 🚀  

The top 3 participants who complete the event successfully and join the Trendyol Tech team will receive training worth $1500, $1000, and $750 that they can use on any platform. 🏆


  • Want to join Trendyol Tech in Turkey
  • Always willing to learn and improve, result oriented and loves team work
  • At least 2+ years experience
  • Hands on experience in building data pipelines with Spark or Flink
  • Experience in open source data technologies (Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, etc.) is a plus.

Your challenge will be building infrastructure to support real time or offline data pipelines for processing terabytes of data.


    Application Deadline

    You can apply to Hiring Weekend until December, 30th at 23.59 pm.

    Pre-assessment / Codility test


    Technical & HR Interviews on Hiring Weekend

    Technical & HR interviews will be completed.


    After interviews and test results, successful candidates will get an offer.

Trendyol Tech Q&A

Trendyol Data Management Day

@Trendyol Tech


Test Guidelines (Pre-Assessment/Codility)

  • This will be a timed challenge.
  • Please make sure you are not interrupted during the challenge, as the timer cannot be paused once started.
  • Please ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  • We recommend you to try the sample test for a couple of minutes, before taking the main test.
  • You can take a sample test before attempt to challenge 

Tech Stack
  • Kubernetes Kubernetes
  • Cassandra Cassandra
  • Scala Scala
  • Go Go
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Redis Redis
  • Kafka Kafka
  • Spark Spark
Teknoloji Ekibi
Azer Demir
Azer Demir
Data Engineering Team Lead
Oğuzhan Mangır
Oğuzhan Mangır
Big Data Engineer
Hatice Özdemir
Hatice Özdemir
Data Engineer
Abdullah Velioğlu
Abdullah Velioğlu
Data Engineer
Katılım Detayları
Katılım Detayları
  • Son Başvuru Tarihi 31 Aralık 2021 Cuma - 23:59
  • Başlangıç / Bitiş Tarihleri 8 Ocak 2022 Cumartesi - 09:00 9 Ocak 2022 Pazar - 18:00
  • Konum Online
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