Softtech Dev Hub Day

Softtech Dev Hub Day

Who is Softtech?

🌍 Since 2006, Softtech has been the biggest software company of Turkey, founded and owned by domestic capital with more than 1600 employees, having operations at a total of 11 different locations in Turkey, TRNC, USA, China and Germany. 

Its mission is to transform all their customers including mainly İş Bankası into digital companies by using their efficient and high-energy ecosystem.

What is Delivery Hub Team?

👥 Delivery Hub Team; is a composition of people who are expert on their field, showing great learning agility skills and mostly working for global projects in a diversed working environment.

They are; a High skilled IT development team equipped with modern technology and advanced soft skills,

They work in harmony with their international clients.

Why should I join the Dev Hub Day?

  • At the Competition If you rank in the top 5, you will win Apple AirPods! 🏆
  • Join to the interactive agile session! 🤺 
  • Meet with Softtech, you may start interviews for joining Delivery Hub Teams! 🧑‍💻👩‍💻

If you have a dream about going abroad part of the project, apply to Softtech Dev Hub Day! 🚀


    Openin talk, Intro of Softtech & Delivery Hub

    Ayça Güven - Delivery Hub Director

    Interactive agile session


    Hackerrank Coding Challenge

    HR Talks & QA

    Gülben Gündüz - HR Director


    An inspiring talk on global experience of Delivery Hub team


    Announcing the coding challenge winners and Q&A with coding team.

10 Reasons To Work at Softtech
Softtech Tech Talks
Tech Stack
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Swift Swift
  • Oracle Oracle
  • .NET .NET
  • Spring Spring
  • C# C#
  • Vue Vue
  • Angular Angular
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Java Java
  • Nodejs Nodejs
  • Python Python
  • Javascript Javascript
Katılım Detayları
Katılım Detayları
  • Son Başvuru Tarihi 12 Aralık 2021 Pazar - 23:59
  • Başlangıç / Bitiş Tarihleri 15 Aralık 2021 Çarşamba - 13:00 15 Aralık 2021 Çarşamba - 18:00
  • Konum Online
  • Şirket Softtech
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