Pisano Developer Hiring Challenge

Pisano Developer Hiring Challenge

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About Challenge

💬 Pisano is a scaling technology company where we develop an elegant and innovative Experience Management Platform to:

  • Empower the customers’ and employees’ voices to be heard by businesses who invest in experience management by respecting the ethical values of privacy. ‍
  • Enable businesses to better understand their customers and employees, and provide an exceptional experience with the art of collecting feedback from various channels, analyzing their behavior and engaging with them.

And We are on the trajectory of boosted growth through our successful & proven business model around Europe, MENA, and APAC. We are funded by international investors, we have 100+ enterprise customers from all over the world. Our platform is being used in 30+ different countries every day.

Challenge Format

Challenge will be open between 13th of March 09:00 and 14th of March 23:59.

3 Programming Questions - No language restriction. You can solve with the tech stack you choose.

Duration : 2 hours

Required Eligibility

  • 0-2 years of experience
  • What you will get?

  • You may get join Pisano Developer Teams!
  • Even if you will not join the Pisano, relatively to your challenge results you will get new opportunities via Coderspace 🚀
  • Pisano Tech Stack

    Working at Pisano

    Test Guidelines

  • Challenge has a timed programming test.
  • Please make sure you are not interrupted during the test, as the timer cannot be paused once started.
  • Please ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  • We recommend you to try the sample test for a couple of minutes, before taking the main test.
  • You can take a sample test before attempt to challenge 
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Where will be the challenge located?
    Katılım Detayları
    Katılım Detayları
    • Son Başvuru Tarihi 12 Mart 2021 Cuma - 23:59
    • Başlangıç / Bitiş Tarihleri 13 Mart 2021 Cumartesi - 09:00 14 Mart 2021 Pazar - 23:59
    • Konum Online
    • Şirket Pisano
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