Data Software Engineering Training Program

Data Software Engineering Training Program

Striving to gain market-oriented knowledge and skills to jumpstart your career in IT? Apply for this program and shape your professional path with EPAM experts. 🚀

If you have strong Python programming skills and want to start a career in Data Software Engineering (prev. Big Data), then this program is what you need. 🥁 

Our learning path offers you a step-by-step approach to gaining in-depth knowledge in this direction. By participating, you will have the opportunity to:     

  • Explore the design, development and maintenance of large data-volume software systems     
  • Learn large-scale data handling technologies (Hadoop, Apache Spark, Kafka, etc.)

What is required for a part-time job?

  • English speaking level from B2 (Upper-Intermediate) and higher
  • Python programming skills
  • Solid knowledge of the Relational Database Management System (DBMS) theory
  • Good command of Structured Query Language (DML/DDL/DCL/TCL)
  • Theoretical knowledge of DWH/Data Lake and one of the visualization tools
  • Basic understanding of Git, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud
  • Knowledge of Software Development Methodologies

How to get started?

Register on this page.
Take an English test available in your profile.
Start preparation for a technical test and technical interview.
Pass a technical test.
Receive an invitation to the general and technical interviews.

Please check your profile's mailbox regularly to make sure you get all important notifications.

Training process:

  • We offer you a mentoring program with one-to-one meetings with production experts.
  • Education usually lasts about 3 months of part-time engagement. Dedicated time depends on your current level of knowledge.

Upon program completion, you may be able to continue your full-time career path according to demonstrated skills and available opportunities at EPAM. 👩‍💻👨‍💻

What will you learn?

  • Cloud (Azure or AWS)
  • Spark
  • Databricks
  • Kafka
  • Hadoop
  • Airflow
  • Elastic
  • Data Flow & Pipelining
  • Orchestration & Scheduling

What do we offer?

  • Part-time job with education within an IT company. As a leading software engineering company, we will help you explore emerging technologies and best practices, ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge that the current market seeks.
  • Top-notch learning materials. Our curriculum is designed by Data specialists with extensive project experience and validated in hundreds of training runs.
  • Practice-oriented approach. This comprehensive program focuses on providing you with hands-on experience and practical application of the concepts learned.
  • Deep dive into the specialization. Our graduates become highly skilled specialists ready to face complex technical challenges and work with the world's leading customers.
  • Support from experienced mentors. We will guide you at advanced training stages, covering your questions and sharing feedback on assigned tasks.
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Katılım Detayları
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