BSH Digipeers Program

BSH Digipeers Program

🚀 As a leading manufacturer of home appliances and solutions, we believe you should start as you mean to go on. We offer a world of opportunities to networkers with an entrepreneurial spirit who dare to think outside the box.

🤩 Seize the opportunity to work as a project student at the factory in globally-led innovation projects where Turkey takes the role of the product owner. Join us and let’s shape the future together and leave your digital footprint!

🎯 Tomorrow is our home. And the sky is the limit.

💼 After the Hackathon Company Evaluation, Your Journey to BSH Employment Begins!

Application Criteria:

Master or senior class undergraduates student from the Departments of Engineering, Statistic and Mathematics

Able to work for 1,5 year (min 4 days/week)

• Good command of English both written and spoken

Self motivated, good communication skills, good team player, good analytical skills

Willing to be team member in innovative projects


➡️ Oct. 4: Last Call for Applications

➡️ Oct. 6-8: Technical Test Solution

➡️ Oct. 10-11: Involving of Candidates in the Hackathon

➡️ Oct. 14: Hackathon Event at Bahçeşehir University Kemerburgaz Campus & Case Study (Shuttle information will be shared with those who will be invited to the face-to-face event)

➡️ Oct. 16-19: English Exam

➡️ Oct. 20-31: Interview

On October 14th - BSH Hackathon:

09.00-10.00: Gathering at the Hackathon Venue

10.00-10.10: Opening by BSH Human Resources
10.10-10.30: Presentation of the Case
10.30-12.30: Work + Mentoring Sessions
12.30-13.30: Lunch Break
13.30-15.00: Work + Mentoring Sessions
15.00-18.00: Case Evaluation by the Jury


    💻 We are expecting you to address a complex and irregular dataset from a real issue at BSH using an analytical approach, convey it in language understandable to end-users, extract insights, and create an intelligent algorithm capable of making automated decisions.

    (Work arrangement is set as 1 day off-site & 3 days remote.)

    💻 The objective is to transfer acquired theoretical knowledge (in Supply Chain, Operations Research, Facility Layout) into a digital environment with the support of programming languages. This will involve conducting the simulation of an actual BSH process flow based on real data.

    (Work arrangement is set as 1 day off-site & 3 days remote.)

    💻 Within the scope of Industry 4.0, an interactive approach is necessary between cloud-to-machine and machine-to-machine interactions. In this context, your task involves establishing connectivity within the Automation Pyramid using IoT, PLC, and Open User Protocols (TCP-IP). Your work is expected to ensure connectivity within the Automation Pyramid by utilizing these technologies.

    (Work arrangement is set as 4 days off-site.)

Katılım Detayları
Katılım Detayları
  • Son Başvuru Tarihi 4 Ekim 2023 Çarşamba - 23:59
  • Başlangıç / Bitiş Tarihleri 14 Ekim 2023 Cumartesi - 09:00 14 Ekim 2023 Cumartesi - 18:00
  • Konum Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Kemerburgaz Kampüsü
  • Şirket BSH
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