KPMG IxT Olympics Innovation and Technology Challenge 2024

KPMG IxT Olympics Innovation and Technology Challenge 2024

🌎 KPMG provides services in 143 countries with more than 273 thousand employees through its member company network system. KPMG Turkey is a professional auditing, tax, and consulting company that provides company and industry-specific services by expanding the traditional audit and compliance audit approach in order to meet the needs of all local and international clients.

🤩 With more than 1700 employees in four offices in Turkey, including Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and Bursa, and over 6,000 clients from various sectors operating both in Turkey and around the world, KPMG Turkey offers a sector-focused approach to industrial manufacturing, automotive, banking, and numerous other industries, including consumer products, food and retail, energy, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals. KPMG presents its knowledge-based perspectives on the issues facing the global business world and conveys its approach to its clients with its experience.

At KPMG, we drive a relentless focus on quality, continuous improvement, and service excellence and aspire to be the standard of trust in our profession. We recognize that trust is not a "given"—it must be earned. We lead by example and provide support to our clients for a sustainable transformation by combining our deep experience in business processes, risk, tax, compliance, and industry with new technology applications. Each employee strives to develop, build trust, and create change for our clients, communities, and society at large in line with their founding purpose.

About Innovation and Technology Consultancy:

✨ Through our comprehensive and end-to-end service approach; We help our clients to understand and manage their business, technology, change management, compliance and governance requirements from strategy formulation to execution.

In today's world, keeping up with innovations and not falling behind technology is the main priority. As an innovation and technology consultancy, we keep ourselves in a position of constantly developing, learning and offering these as services. In this context, we provide services to our customers in a wide range of areas such as data operations, cloud computing, advanced analytics & artificial intelligence, digital strategy and transformation, data governance, IT strategy and governance, agile transformation, technology enablement, software and architecture.

Here you will build analyses, discuss results, and advise on how these results can be applied in the field. This could include working in a multidisciplinary team, and helping the team reach the top. You will help organizations become more digital-driven.

About KPMG Lighthouse:

🚀 KPMG Lighthouse is KMPS's Center of Excellence for data-driven technology and AI. They take a business-first approach to advise their clients on digitalization, innovation and transformation at a global scale. KPMG extensive global network of data scientists, engineers and technology specialists unlock the value of data. From data science and machine learning to agile software development on cloud platforms – their team have an exceptional overview of innovative and emerging technologies. KPMG build and deliver trusted solutions to drive growth, manage risk and optimize cost, and they accelerate innovation. Now, and in the future.

Who Can Apply?

🚀 Applications are open for last year students of related undergraduate programs, master programs and for new graduates, who are interested in Data Analytics and want to pursue a prestigious career.

👉 Apply now and get a chance to join KPMG!

Evaluation Process

    You can apply before February 24th. Applications will be evaluated by KPMG HR team and online exams will be delivered to eligible applicants. You need to complete those examinations in the given time.

    There will be an Online Quiz waiting for you. It aims to measure your knowledge and skills in the areas such as statistical modelling, R and Python. The Online Quiz link will be shared with you on March 7th. The quiz will consist of 20 questions with the combination of open-ended, right-wrong and multiple-choice question types and a mini-case which aims to test your data science skills.

    You will have one and a half hour to answer the quiz questions and one and a half hour to answer the mini-case. The completion times will also be considered as one of the evaluation criteria. For all qualified participants, those ranked in the top 30 will pass to the next round.

    A case Study will be held in this round. The case involves developing a business approach supported by analytical analysis. The case will be shared on March 28th. You will have 2 days to complete and submit your results. You will be expected to develop the analytical models which supports your business case. Hence, you are expected to submit your codes and the business case presentation.

    In the following round, you will need to present your case to the committee. The evaluation committee consists of expert members with academic and industrial background.

    An efficient consultancy team member needs to be eager to understand and comment on new expertise areas, develop solutions and present them to the clients. Thus, you will be expected to present your case to the committee. You will be given 30 minutes to present your outcome on April 2nd-3rd.

    The committee will evaluate your case in four dimensions: your developed expertise on the subject, your analytical approach to the solution, the design of your presentation and feasibility of your suggested case.

KPMG Turkey

  • What is the deadline of application?

    February 23th, 23:59 is the deadline of application

  • Who can apply?

    Applications are open for last year students of related undergraduate programs, master programs and for new graduates, who are interested in Data Analytics and want to pursue a prestigious career.

  • What will be the evaluation process be like?

    After 23th of February there will be HR evaluation process, after that there will be Online Quiz and top 30 of it will be able to join Case Study stage. Finally, there will be last presentations. As a result of whole process you will get a chance to join KPMG.

Katılım Detayları
Katılım Detayları
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  • Başlangıç / Bitiş Tarihleri 7 Mart 2024 Perşembe - 09:00 3 Nisan 2024 Çarşamba - 23:59
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