Fibabanka Speed Bootcamp

Fibabanka Speed Bootcamp

🚀 Would you like to join Fibabanka's journey that shapes the future of financial technologies?

🌐 If you are someone who sees opportunities that add value to your customers' lives, changes the rules of the game using technology, and focuses on a solution rather than a problem, this Bootcamp is for you.

🎯 To push the limits and make a difference, apply to Bootcamp and start your career at Fibabanka!

What Does Fibabanka Offer?

  • The chance to experience financial sector, digital banking and financial technologies,
  • Opportunity to take responsibility in a young, innovative and dynamic working environment by joining technical trainings,
  • A career opportunity at Fibabanka for the talents who have successfully completed our process,
  • Remote Working,
  • Corporation which can offer engineers an exciting and extremely varied working environment,
  • Development and further training opportunities for shaping and realising your career goals,
  • Opportunity to participate in EMBA, MBA and FERM (Financial Engineering) programs at Özyeğin University (the programs are free for Fibabanka employees who have completed 1 year)

Selection Process & Testing

  • Java Test on 26 & 27 October
  • Pre-interviews on 28 & 31 October & 1 November 


Önder Teker - Instructor ( LinkedIn )  


    Application Deadline

    Online Test

    Pre-interviews on phone

    Announcement of participants who are selected for Speed Bootcamp

    Speed Bootcamp Java Spring Boot

    5 Kasım Cumartesi 10:00-16:00 & 6 Kasım Pazar 10:00-16:00

    Spring & Spring Boot : Introduction 

    Maven, POM, Dependencies, Settings

    Controller, Mapping, GET

    DTO (Data Transfer Object)

    Service Interface & Implementation

    IoC (Inversion of Control) & DI (Dependency Injection)

    Spring REST Service & Client : Basics

    REST Controller for GET

    REST Client (RestTemplate) for GET 

    REST Service for POST, PUT, DELETE

    REST Client (RestTemplate) for POST, PUT, DELETE

    Spring REST Service & Client : Advanced

    REST Response Headers & Cookie

    REST Request Headers, Cookie

    REST Service Status  & Error Handling  

    Testing : RestTemplate, cURL & POSTMAN

    Spring Boot Projects

    Data Project : REST Controller, Service DTO Design

    Middleware Project : REST Client Component

    Middleware Project : REST Service, DTO Design

    Testing : RestTemplate, cURL & POSTMAN


    After bootcamp, successful candidates will get an offer.

Other Benefits

  • Competitive and performance-based remuneration
  • Two promotion period in a year
  • Remote work support payment
  • Performance based bonus
  • Financial incentives for education and academic studies
  • R&D incentive for employees working from the office
  • Company-contributed “BES” payment
  • Flexible benefits package
  • Fiba Holding Group Company discounts (M&S, GAP, Banana Republic etc.)
  • Medical and health benefits
  • Leave and holidays (Welcome Leave for 5 days)
Tech Stack
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • TypeScript
  • React Native
  • Spring
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • Redis
Teknoloji Ekibi
Serdar Yılmaz
Deputy General Manager CIO / COO
Erkan Derviş
Director, Digital Channels
Ercan Alkan
Corporate IBMB IT Manager
Mustafa Cabir Bodur
Software Development Team Lead
Ecem Dadalıoğlu
IT & Data Science HR Talent Experience Unit Head
Dilara Doğan Bölükbaşı
IT & Data Science Talent Experience Assistant Supervisor
Ece Belbez
IT & Data Science Talent Experience Assistant Supervisor
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Katılım Detayları
Katılım Detayları
  • Son Başvuru Tarihi 23 Ekim 2022 Pazar - 23:59

  • Başlangıç / Bitiş Tarihleri 5 Kasım 2022 Cumartesi - 10:00 6 Kasım 2022 Pazar - 16:00
  • Konum Online
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