Fibabanka Speed Bootcamp

Fibabanka Speed Bootcamp

🚀 Would you like to join Fibabanka's journey that shapes the future of financial technologies?

🌐 If you are someone who sees opportunities that add value to your customers' lives, changes the rules of the game using technology, and focuses on a solution rather than a problem, this Bootcamp is for you.

🎯 To push the limits and make a difference, apply to Bootcamp and start your career at Fibabanka!

What Does Fibabanka Offer?

  • The chance to experience financial sector, digital banking and financial technologies,
  • Opportunity to take responsibility in a young, innovative and dynamic working environment by joining technical trainings,
  • A career opportunity at Fibabanka for the talents who have successfully completed our process,
  • Remote Working,
  • Corporation which can offer engineers an exciting and extremely varied working environment,
  • Development and further training opportunities for shaping and realising your career goals,
  • Opportunity to participate in EMBA, MBA and FERM (Financial Engineering) programs at Özyeğin University (the programs are free for Fibabanka employees who have completed 1 year)

Selection Process & Testing

  • Java Test on 26 & 27 October
  • Pre-interviews on 28 & 31 October & 1 November 


Önder Teker - Instructor ( LinkedIn )  


    Application Deadline

    Online Test

    Pre-interviews on phone

    Announcement of participants who are selected for Speed Bootcamp

    Speed Bootcamp Java Spring Boot

    5 Kasım Cumartesi 10:00-16:00 & 6 Kasım Pazar 10:00-16:00

    Spring & Spring Boot : Introduction 

    Maven, POM, Dependencies, Settings

    Controller, Mapping, GET

    DTO (Data Transfer Object)

    Service Interface & Implementation

    IoC (Inversion of Control) & DI (Dependency Injection)

    Spring REST Service & Client : Basics

    REST Controller for GET

    REST Client (RestTemplate) for GET 

    REST Service for POST, PUT, DELETE

    REST Client (RestTemplate) for POST, PUT, DELETE

    Spring REST Service & Client : Advanced

    REST Response Headers & Cookie

    REST Request Headers, Cookie

    REST Service Status  & Error Handling  

    Testing : RestTemplate, cURL & POSTMAN

    Spring Boot Projects

    Data Project : REST Controller, Service DTO Design

    Middleware Project : REST Client Component

    Middleware Project : REST Service, DTO Design

    Testing : RestTemplate, cURL & POSTMAN


    After bootcamp, successful candidates will get an offer.

Other Benefits

  • Competitive and performance-based remuneration
  • Two promotion period in a year
  • Remote work support payment
  • Performance based bonus
  • Financial incentives for education and academic studies
  • R&D incentive for employees working from the office
  • Company-contributed “BES” payment
  • Flexible benefits package
  • Fiba Holding Group Company discounts (M&S, GAP, Banana Republic etc.)
  • Medical and health benefits
  • Leave and holidays (Welcome Leave for 5 days)
Tech Stack
  • Redis Redis
  • Oracle Oracle
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Spring Spring
  • React Native React Native
  • TypeScript TypeScript
  • Javascript Javascript
  • Java Java
Teknoloji Ekibi
Serdar Yılmaz
Serdar Yılmaz
Deputy General Manager CIO / COO
Erkan Derviş
Erkan Derviş
Director, Digital Channels
Ercan Alkan
Ercan Alkan
Corporate IBMB IT Manager
Mustafa Cabir Bodur
Mustafa Cabir Bodur
Software Development Team Lead
Ecem Dadalıoğlu
Ecem Dadalıoğlu
IT & Data Science HR Talent Experience Unit Head
Dilara Doğan Bölükbaşı
Dilara Doğan Bölükbaşı
IT & Data Science Talent Experience Assistant Supervisor
Ece Belbez
Ece Belbez
IT & Data Science Talent Experience Assistant Supervisor
Katılım Detayları
Katılım Detayları
  • Son Başvuru Tarihi 23 Ekim 2022 Pazar - 23:59
  • Başlangıç / Bitiş Tarihleri 5 Kasım 2022 Cumartesi - 10:00 6 Kasım 2022 Pazar - 16:00
  • Konum Online
  • Şirket Fibabanka
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