Arçelik Developer Hiring Challenge

Arçelik Developer Hiring Challenge

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About Challenge

How does it sound to challenge your coding skills with yourself? Define your boundaries and get ready to code beyond them. You are invited to Arçelik Developer Hiring Challenge to go beyond yourself. You will code for your own future: Arçelik Developer Teams await you!

Arçelik :

We offer inventive talents the opportunity to work with innovative technologies. We specialize in consumer durables and consumer electronics, offering production, marketing, and after-sales support services in these sectors. As Europe’s fourth-biggest white goods company in total sales, we are also the market leader with our Arctic brand in Romania, Defy in South Africa, and Dawlance in Pakistan. As a global company that offers products and services in 146 countries, we not only welcome diversity, but also inspire it with our innovation. 

Challenge Format

Challenge will be open between:

24th of April 09:00 - 25th of April 23:59

Duration: 2 hours

All event stages will be held online.

Questions for each open position with restricted to related programming languages;

Backend Developer
Python / Node.js / Django / Flask Mid - SR Central R&D, Innovation Team
Mobile Developer
JAVA / Kotlin / Swift / React Native Mid - SR Central R&D
Frontend Developer
Javascript / Vue / React.js / Angular JR-Mid-SR Electronics, Innovation Team
Fullstack Developer
Javascript JR-Mid-SR Electronics
Cloud Developer
JAVA/Python Mid-SR Central R&D
Embedded Developer
C/C++/JAVA JR-Mid Electronics, Central R&D
IT Software Engineer
React / C# / JAVA JR IT Factory

*Required Eligibility

JR: 0-2 Years

Mid: 2-5 Years

SR: 5+ Years

Arçelik Teams

Arçelik Electronics Plant, which is currently located in Çerkezköy, was founded in İstanbul in 1966. We have been working enthusiastically since then to produce the best televisions in the world. While our production teams are located in the factory, software and hardware teams work in Beylikdüzü R&D office. We, as a software team, develop software solutions at many levels from operating systems to cloud services and applications concerning UHD /FHD TV products for domestic and European Market. As a result of these efforts, we maintain our market leadership in the domestic market for television products in recent years.

As Innovation Team in Arçelik Group, our work covers subjects from natural language understanding to computer vision and sectors from healthcare to retail. We create experiences to seamlessly connect products, services and digital platforms by executing all aspects of design and development, from conception through production. We focus on the customer experience and capabilities to identify opportunities and create realizable strategies. We work to design businesses, not just the underlying products or services. We analyze and clarify strategies for market entry and provide a path to effective implementation. Our approach is to combine traditional strategy with entrepreneurial management and design thinking to deliver innovation with speed and focus. Our focus can be described as below;

  • Design, develop and run software for new innovative products and services; work on architectural and system designs from bottom to top to achieve the innovative edge on the products
  • Research, investigate, and develop server side software; services and applications,
  • Work closely with other disciplines to define and develop front-end implementations.
  • IT Software factory facilitates inhouse and outsource software development activities with adapting DevSecOps culture and implementing best practices in order to produce softwares required by business teams in an efficient, flexible and fastest way with more than 30 people including frontend and backend development experts, Devops engineers, university students, consultants and off-shore developer teams. Main purpose of IT Software Factory is to build applications with defined and standardized end-to-end development procceses such as planning, designing, quality control and monitoring.

    As the Central R&D Electronics & IoT in Arçelik Group, our vision is to be the most qualified Electronics R&D and to become pioneer in our sector. We are analyzing, creating and developing innovative products, services and technologies that make people’s life easier. We have a very wide range of expertise including Cloud Technologies, Mobile Application Development (Android & iOS), Communication Technologies, Cyber Security, Computer Vision, Embedded Hardware, Embedded Software and High-speed Hardware Design. We are developing end-to-end solutions from device software and hardware to cloud and mobile applications for Arçelik products. Our approach in design and development phase is to use agile methodologies and we have a well-designed end-to-end DevOps system.

  • Research, design and develop secure and robust Cloud Architecture for Arçelik IoT Products to be used globally.
  • Research, design and develop native iOS and Android Mobile applications (HomeWhiz) to create a smooth user experience to be used with Arçelik IoT Products
  • Research, design and develop hardware and software solutions for communication technologies such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Mesh, NB IoT
  • Design and develop embedded hardware & software and high-speed hardware & software to be used in Arçelik products, work closely with other R&D
  • Research and design of Computer Vision platform to be used in Arçelik products
  • Create end-to-end Cyber Security solutions for Arçelik products from device to cloud
  • Work closely with other R&D Disciplines, Product Management and Marketing teams to create roadmap for next generation products and technologies.

  • Why should I join the challenge?

  • Coders who accomplish the test successfully can get the opportunity to join the Arçelik Global Developer Teams.
  • You will re-discover your coding skills and challenge yourself with yourself.
  • Based on your test results, Coderspace will offer you new opportunities. 🚀

    Test Guidelines

  • This will be a timed challenge.
  • Please make sure you are not interrupted during the challenge, as the timer cannot be paused once started.
  • Please ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  • We recommend you to try the sample test for a couple of minutes, before taking the main test.
  • You can take a sample test before attempt to challenge. 

    Arçelik Tech Stack

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