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How does Coderspace help?

During my job search process, which was a very challenging process for me, Coderspace helped me a lot, allowing me to recognize and improve my skills, knowledge level. As a result of these developments, I found the job I was looking for thanks to Coderspace!

Fatih Kıyıkçı / Anadolu Sigorta - Artificial Intelligence Engineer

During the Backend Bootcamp process organized in cooperation with Coderspace and Trendyol, I had the opportunity to closely examine many current technologies, observe the company structure of Trendyol and develop 2 different projects. After this intense and fun process, my Trendyol adventure started with the recruitment process we carried out with Trendyol :)

Deniz Beste Cömert / Trendyol - Associate Developer

I had the opportunity to work in the position I wanted by just showing my skills without thinking about whether I could stand out among dozens of applications. As a software developer, it was very enjoyable to join Migros teams after a recruitment process where coding was at the forefront.

Ufuk Akgeyik / Migros – Software Developer
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