Established in 1994 by two visionary airline executives, Hitit Computer Services Inc. has since become one of the world's leading airline and travel IT solutions and business services providers.

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  • Hitit Developer Hiring Challenge Hitit Developer Hiring Challenge
    Hitit Developer Hiring Challenge

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  • Hitit Hakkında

    Turkey's first aviation software company, Hitit, is the technological partner of nearly 40 domestic and foreign airline companies. Hitit, the world's 3rd largest aviation software company, exports the software produced by Turkish engineers to nearly 30 countries on five continents. In its headquarter located in Turkey's one of the largest technology centers, ITU Technopark, Hitit produces software solutions that enable millions of passengers to travel every year. By combining aviation and technology, Hitit offers an experience at the heart of two dynamic, trend-setting, and promising sectors, which provides a different and stimulating experience for those who want to have a global business experience and pursue a career in the field of travel technologies that will shape the future

    Tech Stack

    • Angular Angular
    • Oracle Oracle
    • CSS CSS
    • Spring Spring
    • SQLite SQLite
    • Swift Swift
    • Java Java
    • Javascript Javascript
    • Jquery Jquery


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