Since 2019, our team of thought leaders and technology innovators have been enabling restaurateurs and cloud kitchen operators across the globe.

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  • Grubtech Developer Hiring Challenge Grubtech Developer Hiring Challenge
    Grubtech Developer Hiring Challenge

    Get a Chance to Join Grubtech Software Team by Coding!!

    Hiring Challenge
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  • GrubTech Hakkında

    GrubTech is a customer-centric all-in-one SaaS solution for F&B players looking to thrive in their digital evolution. As off-premise dining grows, F&B players need to adapt their operations to be able to sell more online, while also focusing on staying technologically enabled for their on-premise dining. New business models such as Cloud Kitchens and Virtual Brands are scaling at a fast rate, but unfortunately, the technology providers in this space have not pivoted fast enough to capture the demand. Grubtech provides the most comprehensive all-in-one solution for all players in the F&B landscape relying on technology for efficiency and growth.

    Tech Stack

    • Assembly Assembly
    • CSS CSS
    • Dart Dart
    • Elastics Elastics
    • Flutter Flutter
    • Java Java
    • Javascript Javascript
    • Kotlin Kotlin
    • MongoDB MongoDB
    • MySQL MySQL
    • Nodejs Nodejs
    • Tensorflow Tensorflow
    • Spring Spring
    • Swift Swift
    • Vue Vue
    • Redis Redis
    • TypeScript TypeScript
    • React React
    • Python Python


    Hackathon ve Datathon'lara katıl, gerçek sorunlara gerçek verilerle çözüm üret, kendini geliştir ve para ödülü kazan!

    Hiring Challenge

    Hiring Challenge'lara katıl, belirli yazılım dillerinde kodla, yazılım testinden geç, mülakat sürecini hızlandır!


    Bootcamp'lere katıl, eğitim programını tamamla, ödevler ve final projesiyle kendini geliştir, öğrenerek işe girme fırsatı yakala!