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What is a Hiring Challenge?

Hiring Challenge is a recruitment competition that you can participate in by coding in different languages. You can show yourself by coding and speed up the interview process in Hiring Challenges, which we usually hold on weekends. By matching the software test score you entered in Hiring Challenge with your profile, we bring you the most suitable job opportunities for you.

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Why should you Join Hiring Challenge?


Do your favorite job, code. Show yourself with the score you get, in the programming language of your choice!

Mor Yuvarlak
Explore the Companies

Check out the languages, frameworks and databases the company uses on the Hiring Challenge page.

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Make your Coderspace Profile Powerful

Get the opportunity to work directly after the Hiring Challenge! Strengthen your profile with the points you get, and increase your chances of getting offers from different companies.

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  • 50 + Hiring Challenge
  • 8,000 + Participants
  • 150 + Hired Participants

What our users say

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Ufuk Akgeyik

I had the opportunity to work in the position I wanted by just showing my skills without thinking about whether I could stand out among dozens of applications. As a software developer, it was very enjoyable to join Migros teams after a recruitment process where coding was at the forefront.

Ufuk Akgeyik / Migros – Software Developer
🚀 Participant Review
iç içe daire

Thanks to Hiring Challenge, we had the opportunity to reach young talents who have proven their success in their field. Good management of the process and thus including many candidates in our recruitment program is a valuable gain for us.

Başak Cengiz / Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik - Head of PMO
🎯 Client Review
iç içe daire

With the Hiring Challenge, which we organized in order to grow our team quickly, we were able to reach dozens of talents that have proven their competence in 2 weeks. During this very enjoyable process, we had the opportunity to explain our company to our potential teammates in the best way possible.

Kıvanç Tuncer / Yolda.com – People & Culture Manager
🎯 Client Review

For Talents

Register to Tech-Talent Career Platform, Coderspace! Fill your software language level, salary expectation, solve code tests, join Hiring Challenges, job opportunities will come to you!

For Companies

With Hiring Challenge, expand your technology team with proven candidates who want to work in your company, who have been successful in code tests specific to you, and who have proven their skills.

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    DefineX Online Hiring Challenge

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