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Linkedin Recruiter: What is it? How to use it? What does it offer? Which plan to choose?

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6 Minutes Reading Time · 22.03.2021
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Are you ready to find your next talent merely you still don’t know where to start? Here is a quick introduction for you to get started using Linkedin Recruiter most effectively.

What is Linkedin Recruiter?

Linkedin Recruiter is Linkedin’s talent search tool specially designed for human resources professionals. It grants unique tools to go over the entire Linkedin network to find the best-fit candidates for your job postings. It is a wholly detached experience from Linkedin.com.




Highlight Features of Linkedin Recruiter:


  • Advanced filters: Recruiter offers a highly targeted search with keyword research, boolean research, and over 20 advanced search filters like job titles, degrees, locations, skills, companies, industries, year of graduation, experience, and many more.

  • Candidate Sorting: With the enhanced sorting feature of Linkedin Recruiter, you can prioritize candidates from the listing page according to their potential response rate, openness to new job opportunities, already engaged with your brand on Linkedin, etc.

  • InMail: Linkedin offers InMail, a direct messaging option for reaching out to the candidates on your hiring list. It comes with a mass Inmail service and up to 150 Inmail messaging monthly. It facilitates the communication between the talent acquisition team and the candidates.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Linkedin Recruiter owns its analytics dashboards to allow you to keep track of your hiring performance. It includes Recruiter Usage, Monthly Usage, InMail Analytics, Pipeline Analytics, Job Analytics, Cross Contract, and Performance Summary Reports.

  • ATS (Applicant Tracking System): Recruiter offers linking with Recruiter Systems, like Oracle Taleo, Workday, Workable, Bullhorn, and many more. This integration grants a saved time and keeps your work-flow in one integrated platform. It also shows the status and the history of each candidate. So, your team can prevent wasting time contacting the same candidate again.

  • Mobility: Like Linkedin, Linkedin Recruiter also has mobile app access to keep you focused on the hiring process and not miss any candidate while it is available to be reached.

Linkedin Recruiter currently has two versions: Recruiter Lite and Recruiter. Plus, three plans to choose from: Recruiter, Recruiter Professional Services (RPS), and Recruiter Lite. We can categorize the RPS plan in Linkedin Recruiter, but an entrance version of it. Here is the detailed info for each Talent Solution plan:

Recruiter Lite:

Recruiter Lite is the most basic version of Linkedin Talent Solutions. They created the Recruiter Lite for only one user for a team which means it does not allow you to share your tasks with another team member. The Recruiter Lite grants you to save ten daily search result alerts, send 30 InMail messages for a month without mass InMail, create 100 projects and search with limited filtering abilities.

It does not give you access to advanced analytics reports like Profile, Pipeline or Monthly Usage Analytics Reports, Recruiter System Connections, or data migration from ATS. However, it is a good start for small enterprises that need only a few job postings a year or individual job posters.


Recruiter Professional Services (RPS):


RPS is the entrance plan of Linkedin Recruiter, an upgraded and corporate version of Recruiter Lite. This plan gives you full access to the Linkedin network with multiple seat options and a collaborative work environment.

It delivers an enhanced Talent Pipeline management by enabling additions of tags, status, and custom fields to candidate profiles to tracking their hiring status while allowing you to search via these tags and status fields. RPS includes 100 seats per account, 100 InMails per seat, 25 mass InMail sending at once, Hiring Manager and ATS Integrations, 50 daily saved search result alerts, In-ATS search filter, and detailed analytics reporting.




Recruiter is the most advanced talent solution plan of Linkedin. It has all advanced analytics reports like Performance Summary Reports, Recruiter Usage, Monthly Usage, Pipeline, and Cross Contract reports besides basic InMail and Job Analytics reports.

It is basically like the Recruiter Professional Services plan, but an improved version of it. With Recruiter, you can send 150 InMails for a month per seat and create 200 pooled projects on your account.


How much does Linkedin Recruiter cost?


Since Linkedin’s Talent Solutions product offers a lot of handiness and direct hiring experience, it comes with a cost. Unfortunately, they do not provide any free trial instantly before owning the product. Yet, they can give you a free demo while you reach out to the Recruiter Sales Team to get a price offer for Linkedin Recruiter. To do that, fill the contact form from their website.

However, even we know it is not the exact price, the pricing of Linkedin Recruiter, beginning from the Recruiter Professional Services plan, starts from $8,999 for an annual subscription. When you prefer paying monthly, the cost is $825, at least.

If you are up to a more economical plan, you can choose Recruiter Lite. The price of Recruiter Lite starts from $2,399 for a year-long subscription. It also holds a monthly plan, which starts from $119,99 per month. We can say that Recruiter Lite is a budget-friendly option compared to Recruiter.


Does Linkedin Recruiter worth the price?


Of course, Linkedin Recruiter has lots of pros. Including also a bit of con. If you manage a big Talent Acquisition team, Linkedin Recruiter can amortize its cost. It saves your time on the hiring procedures with the higher number of applications, detailed filtering options, collaborations for faster communication among the hiring team, and smooth track of the hiring process of each candidate.

Considering Linkedin is the world’s largest online professional network with over 575 million users, the candidate pool is gigantic! It is more likely the highly-skilled, culture-fit candidate you are looking for is already on Linkedin.

Though, if you have a small organization or you are too specific with the requirements you post or the skill-set you expect from a candidate, Linkedin Recruiter seems to be an excess cost to you. In this case, try Recruiter Lite or check Coderspace, the human resources platform just for the tech industry, developers, and data-scientists that carries out preliminary assignments to presenting only the most qualified candidates to you. Check the Coderspace here, if you don’t find your talent yet.

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